It’s a wrap!

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open dead end

After 11 years, time has come to close this personal research blog. It started as an attempt to move my research notebook online to forge new connections and keep track of my thoughts. At the moment of completing my PhD, this blog had proven an indispensable element of my research method used to communicate my work through about 1400 posts and feedback from 400 comments. It became a research tool, part of general open science movement in which I not only regularly discussed the advances in my research domain but also shared its hesitations and failures. This transparency on the implications of my work and the ones of my peers helped me cultivate a professional persona. The informal network of researchers and professionals that belong to the readership of my blog represent an invaluable goodwill that is part of the outcome of my PhD thesis and after. They encouraged me to discuss my research work in continuation of conferences and also outside of the traditional academic venues.

So what’s next? I invite you to follow us at Near Future Laboratory on our blog and follow me on Twitter @fabiengirardin.