Meet you There!

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In XXI century, people stopped meeting at the coffee machine:

A La Fin d'une Thèse…

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Create a Java Web Start with QuickJNLP

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QuickJNLP is a utility allows regular Java applications to be deployed with Web Start. It packs all the necessary files for the application into a Jar file and generates a corresponding JNLP file. The original java application does not need to modified in any way for use with Web Start.


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ActiveCampus is a ShoutSpace and WiTeach like system. It aims to provide location-based services for educational networks and understand how such systems are used. activeclass enables collaboration between students and professors by serving as a visual moderator for classroom interaction. ActiveCampus Explorer uses a person’s context, like location, to help engage them in campus life. It uses Place Lab as localization system.

More on:
ActiveCampus: explorations in community-oriented ubiquitous computing

WiFi Location-based Applications at CRAFT

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My small presentation on the WiFi location-based applications developed the CRAFT is in ppt. It includes an architectural view of the systems.

Halloween Masks as Political Barometer

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Via, sales of Halloween masks have correctly predicted the results of the last six presidential elections.

Instinct and Responsability

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Read in The Social Future as seen by six SF Writers:
Ken Wharton: “Individuals often don’t have the time and/or inclination to dig into any particular issue for themselves, meaning that many people will tend to make decisions using the very instincts that are most easily manipulated.
Pat Murphy: “I feel that the more powerful the government is, the less people take the personal responsability. And what we need now is more personal responsability, not less.
Ken Wharton: “[swing-voters] are so overburdened with busy lives that they’re running just as fast they can to stay in the same place“.

Week-end en Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

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Application Scope in Axis

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I finally found out to create a singletong shared object in Axis. From the Axis User Guide:

Axis supports scoping service objects (the actual Java objects which implement your methods) three ways. “Request” scope, the default, will create a new object each time a SOAP request comes in for your service. “Application” scope will create a singleton shared object to service all requests. “Session” scope will create a new object for each session-enabled client who accesses your service. To specify the scope option, you add a to your service like this (where “value” is request, session, or application):

&lt;service name="MyService"...&gt;<br />
  &lt;parameter name="scope" value="<em>value</em>"/&gt;<br />
  ...<br />

Ein Tag im Bebbi's Land

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