ShoutSpace Zoom

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I implemented a zoom and simple message vizualisation for ShoutSpace. A .mov (2.4MB) features it.

Methodological Paper

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A methodological paper is expected to demonstrate the proposed techniques and evaluate the performance relative to competing techniques.

Massively-Collaborative Game Models by McGonigal

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Point to me by RoRk a few weeks ago, Jane McGonigal has research interests in massively-collaborative game models and games that are played in everyday public space

Accuracy Charaterization for Metropolitan-scale Wi-Fi Localization

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Yet another excellent Place Lab publication. Accuracy Charaterization for Metropolitan-scale Wi-Fi Localization talks about the feasibility of building and the accuracy of a wede-area 802.11 Wi-Fi-based positioning system with very little calibration overhead. Their experiment show that the can estimate a user’s position with a median positioning error of 13-40 meters (depending upon the characteristics of the environment). They point out that building and deploying location-aware application that are usable by a wide variety of people in everyday situations is arguably no easier now than it was ten year ago. Moreover, most current location systems do not work where people spend much of their time. GPS does not work indoors and works poorly in many cities where the so called “urban canyons” form by building prevent GPS units from seeing enough satellites to get a position lock. They prone a mix approach to positioning to reach ubiquitous availability of location information.

Absurd Humor in Spam

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A spam message out of nowhere ended up in my inbox: “is that your finger?” Great absurd humor!

ETH Meeting on Locative and Pervasive Gaming

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I lead an interesting meeting with Steffen P Walz, Mathias Ochsendorf from the ETHZ, and Nicolas Nova, Mauro Cherubini from CRAFT. We shared experiences, thoughts and ideas on locative and pervasives games as well as on spatial annotation. Nicolas bloged his notes taken during the meeting. (God brings you here Nicolas!).

Self-Organizing Maps for Internet Exploration

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Throw me rocks and stones (Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me…), I was not familiar with WEBSOM. WEBSOM is a document exploration tool that generates self-organizing maps for Internet exploration.


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Geoloqus is a blog on the exploration of spatial annotation and locative media

ShoutSpace Scenario Examples

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Rune’s wishful thinking on the wide usage of a PMA 400 in his university and the link to the iPod at Duke project page provide some examples of scenarios for ShoutSpace.

Spatial Annotation Getting Mainstream in Two Years?

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Spatial annotation is getting more and more light it seems. The mainstream PCWorld mentionned Siemens Digital Graffiti project in Post-It Notes Go Mobile. According to Siemens, there are about two years from commercial roll-out. It is unclear on how the handle the message positioning (with simple cell IDs?) and how (un)accurate it is. They do not talk about any specific scenario either. I guess that is why there are not rushing it out of their lab.