Quality of "Business" Life

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Icon pointed out an report on the best European locations for a company to settle. Key factors on deciding where to locate where:

  • Find qualified staff
  • Communication factors
  • Cost factors (cost of staff)
  • Swiss cities do not perform very well even in the qualified staff sector and are of course crushed in the cost of staff department. Cities with the highest melting-pot factor (London, Paris, Brussel) have the best overall performance. Melting-pot = excellent (tele)communication, diverse population (very diverse working population, with a good chance to attract highly skilled workers), cheap labor. Switzerland with its “Alleingang” do not take that direction.

    Business attractiveness of Spanish cities is really improving due to efforts by the Spanish municipalities (improvment of infrastructures and the citizens’ sense civic sense) and the government (openness toward the world). And of course not surprising to see Barcelona and Madrid at the top of the chart in term of quality of life for the employees. Cities of the future?

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    A Ecouter à l'EPFL

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    Liste des conférences et séminaires à l’EPFL ainsi que les I&C Seminars.

    Eine Wochenende im Downtown Switzerland

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    Limmatquai, die Stadt, Toni Molkerei, Chicks on Speed, früh am Morgen Döner Kebap in die Langstrasse


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    As part of the TECFASeed Informative Art Contest, I started to develop a portal community visualization tool that gather data about community members’ personal contributions and interactions. Making it an awarness or portal geography tool (like Cyberspace geography visualization) or making an animation of a portal community growth from day one, are the possible developments. The very first very basic output with basic data and features ;)

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    Informative Art Competition

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    An Informative Art Competition launched by DKS. Count me in!!

    pScenario – Pedagogical Scenario Tool for PostNuke

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    I finally finished and released version 1.0 beta of the TECFA’s Pedagogical Scenario Tool (pScenario). pScenario is a pedagogical scenario tool for PostNuke inspired by the Moodle pedagogical platform

    Module page: pScenario (with links to downloads, screenshots and running demos)

    A pedagogical scenario (also called a “story-board”) is a sequence of phases within which students have tasks to do and specific roles to play. However, unlike movie scripts, there is room for improvisation and exploration and learners are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning activities and processes.
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    Campaña de Concienciacion Sobre Contaminacion Acustica

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    “Contrôle ton bruit”. Affiche de la campagne de sensibilition à la polution sonore à Madrid

    España Limpia

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    Mom Finds Out About Blog

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    As read in Bohelz and reported by The Onion in its Minneapolis local news section, 30 years-old Kevin Widmar announced Tuesday that his mother Lillian has discovered his weblog.

    Properties of the Kevin Bacon Absorbing Set

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    The 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game should be a good live example for the small world project. Recent research took a scientific standpoint and found the Properties of the Kevin Bacon Absorbing Set.