GridLock, a Collaborative Urban Board Game

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GridLockd! is a large urban game where four teams compete to capture as many grid positions within a half hour on a city-based game board. This project is meant to display how semacodes, camera phones, ad-hoc groups, and social dynamics are effected under time pressure. Hopefully it is not yet another paperware, and we will soon see emerge real game images and study results.

Skyhook Wireless Gets Some Media Attention

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Via Roland Piquepaille. Skyhook Wireless is yet another company doing WiFi positioning. Their business model comes from a well known practise in the locative media community. They provide a database of location of 802.11 access points. They claim it to be nationwide. Based on that they provide a few specific services (E911 location support, asset tracking, advertising according to the user’s context). The managed to get some attention in the press like the Boston Globe’s “One more way to find yourself

 Images Skyhook Wireless 1
Comparaison of position accuracy the GPS and Wi-Fi signals depending on the area where you are. (Credit: Skyhook Wireless)

 Images Skyhook Wireless 2
Illustration showing how the client part of the Skyhook Wireless system works. (Credit: Skyhook Wireless)

Una Giornata a Milano

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Milano Sink

Tracking and Measuring Performance in Football

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Sport Universal Process offers top football teams data and tools to analyze their games. Tracking the 22 players, the referee, and the ball is done with 8 cameras placed around the football field. The data generated (25 measures by second, 4.5 million positons) can be used in a replay tool that displays the fields from the top but also gives access to the footage from the cameras.

From that technology, they provide a way to broadcast live games on mobile devices.

My Presentation at Pompeu Fabra

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I presented my work on locative media at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Here are the ppt slides.

3 dias en Barcelona

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Barcelona Overview
Barcelona New Playsatation
Barcelona Recycling

Map of Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) VI Forecast

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Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) VI, is the level of shaking that throws objects off shelves. ETH-Zurich, Switzerland, and the Southern California Earthquake Center have contributed to an online map that shows the odds of a significant earthquake on any given day in California. Real-time Forecast of Earthquake Hazard in the Next 24 Hours can’t tell you if a Big One is imminent, researchers said. But when a sizable quake does strike, it’s almost certain to trigger aftershocks.


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I am not sure there are many WiFi positioning systems running on browsers. MapMe is a signed applet that positions EPFL WiFi enabled notebook owner on the campus.

It runs on many types of hardware with the typical operating systems (WinXP, MacOSX or Linux) having Java 1.3 (or higher) enabled Web browser. It is uniquely meant to be used on the EPFL campus. MapMe uses some parts of Place Lab (mainly the native code scanning the WiFi cards) and the reuse of my own EPFL-WiFi-positioning classes. My plan is to use have the applet communicate the positioning informations to web application via LiveConnect. It could therefore be integrated into the EPFL map service. Yet another pet project…

The Path to God Allegedly Found?

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Visualize Yahoo Search Results with Grokker

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Similar to KartOO, Grokker allows to view Yahoo search results with its visualization technology. It is a Java applet that displays a Web search as a series of categories set in a circular map.