International fair for contemporary art in Zürich

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I went to the International fair for contemporary art in Zürich to educate my eyes to shapes, colors and harmonies. As usual there was some nameless pieces of sh… hanging on the walls and people willing to spend a lot of money to buy them. Nevertheless, if was possible to find some very creative and dynamic paintings. One of my favorite was what I would call enhanced reality on photographs.

La Bostella

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J’ai finalement trouvé le temps de regarder “La Bostella” d’Edouar Baer. Avant d’être un film, la bostella est une dance que vous pouvez pratiquer avec vos amis:

Premier Mouvement, musique endiablée : sautez en l’air et applaudissez à tout rompre !
Second Mouvement, musique triste : tombez par terre, et empilez vous les uns sur les autres ! (jusqu’à 5 mètres de haut)
Troisième Mouvement, retour de la musique endiablée : sautez en l’air et applaudissez à tout rompre !

Le film est comme la dance: calme, puis effrainé et surtout pas accessible à n’importe quel public. Des connaissances de base en “Centre de Visionnage” et une bonne dose d’humour absurde sont requis. Personnellement, un type déguiser en coq avec un costume de rabin me fait rire… La vraie découverte du film restera certainement l’extraordinaire performance d’acteur de l’élégant Francis Van Listenborgh qui donne pleine mesure de son talent hors norme dans le rôle de Francis.

Sarcasm on Operation Piss off the Planet

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This week’s issue of The Onion is a scream! It uncovers the new bomb capable of creating 1,500 new terrorists in a single blast. Plus, there is interesting papers on a dead Iraqi who would have loved democracy and on the U.S forming their own U.N (so called U.S.U.N). It also contains vital info on Iraqi chemical weapons provided by U.S. companies that made them.

I stumbled on a image of last night’s U.S. attacks on Iraqi bases. Better than embedded reporters!

Find more serious and alternative sources for information on Operation Piss of the Planet at Warblogs:cc.

It is all about survival

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It is a very dangerous world out there (As seen on TV!). Today, I made sure to get myself ready and prepared to survive all the potential deadly situations I will face in a very near future. Better be safe than sorry!

The Department of Homeland Panic gives very valuable arguments why we should be scared. Get you duct tape and plasitc sheets ready!

If you survive the latest terrorist attack, you might still want to be ready for the worst case scenarios. How to survive if your parachute fails to open, how to control a runaway camel, how to survive if you wake up next to someone whose name you don’t remember, etc.

Don’t Say We didn’t Warn You!

Weblog application testing

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I have been testing weblog application for a couple of days (not straight, no worries…) now, and I must admit MovableType seems to be the perfect match. It trully sucks since I could not find any true stable and sexy J2EE weblog to crush this low-level Perl application. Well, I still need to keep an eye on the following weblog apps:

We’ll see if the java blogging community will come up with something more relevant.

I’ll stick with MovableType until I found out if I was made for blogging or not…