2. Problem model

2.3 Mapping cyberspace over a visualization media

By mapping the graph over the graph , a representation of cyberspace over a low-dimensional media becomes possible. Two approaches can be followed. The first is to find directly a mapping of the graph over the graph by using the local information known by each resource, i.e. the adjacency matrix. The second is to give a spatial representation of the graph so as to map its points in a space of a lower dimension. This mapping leads to the possibility of finding by use of a distance matrix, corresponding nodes in the graph .

Since we want to represent the topographical features, it is important to consider a proper scheme for representing the characteristics of the resources, defined in the graph , in the graph .

2.3.1 - Mapping
2.3.2 - Morphisms
2.3.3 - Metrics
2.3.4 - Characteristics mapping

Cyberspace geography visualization - 15 October 1995

Luc Girardin, The Graduate Institute of International Studies