Self-organizing maps

The reference book about self-organizing maps is certainly [Kohonen, 1995]. Other presentations can be found using references located into section "Neural networks". Various applications can be found in [Wyler, 1994][Ultsch, 1993][Ultsch et al, 1994]. A good starting point for proving the convergence of the self-organizing maps algorithm is certainly [Cohen et al., 1987]. Other possible directions toward this goal are given in [Kohonen, 1995]. The unified matrix method for exploratory data analysis was first introduced in [Ultsch and Siemon, 1989]. An alternative to this method is given in [Kraaijveld et al., 1993]. Comparison with statistical clustering methods is presented in [Ultsch, 1995][Ultsch and Vetter, 1994].

Cyberspace geography visualization - 15 October 1995

Luc Girardin, The Graduate Institute of International Studies