Cyberspace geography visualization

Mapping the World-Wide Web to help people find their way in cyberspace

It summarize the important part of this project.
Mapping the geography of the World-Wide Web
Entitle the last paper and poster that have been presented at the Fith International World-Wide Web Conference in Paris.
Cyberspace geography visualization
This report provides in-depth explaination of the method. This document is also available in PDF and PostScript formats
Integration in the Graduate Institute of International Studies World-Wide Web server
Illustrate the use of the maps for a World-Wide Web server.
Integration in the TecfaMOO
Show how the maps can be automatically integrated in a MOO system.
Experimental analysis tool
This prototype has been used to try to understand some parts of the World-Wide Web.
Related works
Contains links to various related projects.

Luc Girardin, The Graduate Institute of International Studies