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👋 Hello, I am Fabien.

I am a researcher and engineer in emerging technologies and managing partner at Girardin & Nova. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Digital Communication and 15 years of experience in academia and the industry, my mission is to help organizations (e.g. BBVA, Boeing, Le Louvre, the Swiss Federal Department of Defence) prototype and discover 'what might come next' just beyond the core of their activities

My research has been cited in more than 2000 academic publications and my creative work has been exhibited at the Museum of the Future in Dubai and the Design Museum in Barcelona among other international cultural institutions.

Refined over the last 15 years with my colleagues at Near Future Laboratory, my approach is multidisciplinary. It is about mixing creativity and imagination with logic, structure and engineering skills. We published The Manual of Design Fiction, a guide to our practice, its origins, its utility and its impact.

Working on the Manual of Design Fiction with Near Future Laboratory colleagues.

The Manual of Design Fiction. A practical guide to exploring the near future.


Fabien Girardin (Dipl.-Ing. Ph.D.) is Managing Partner at Girardin & Nova, a multidisciplinary agency which addresses pressing planetary matters from the digitization of cities to the implications of environmental change.

Throughout his career, Fabien experienced first-hand what it means to run a company that lasts, to co-create and launch products, to lead teams of talented technologists, to be on a board of directors, to help executives make sense of socio-technological evolutions, to stretch people imagination through public exhibits, to teach and mentor young professionals.

Most notably, he was a founding partner of the Near Future Laboratory, a distributed network of accomplished practitioners best known as pioneers of Design Fiction. In parallel, he was co-CEO at BBVA Data & Analytics, a center of excellence in advanced analytics that derived knowledge from financial data[1][2][3][4]. At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he pioneered techniques that analyze digital traces of human activity for urban innovation[5][6] and applied them in the industry for Le Louvre[7], the Boeing Company[8], Navteq, City of Geneva, among other clients. Subsequently, he collaborated with the data visualization studio Bestiario, to bring to market a visual programming environment that democratizes data manipulation and visualization as part of a practice he coined as Sketching with Data[9].

Fabien holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Digital Communications[10] from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona, Spain. Along his academic journey, he was also affiliated with the Senseable City Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research has been cited in more than 2000 academic publications.

Prior to his graduate studies, he joined the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies in Lausanne (EPFL) to manage and investigate the use of technologies for collaborative learning. Earlier in 1997, he developed a web directory popular in Switzerland that he later sold to a local Internet Service Provider[11] to finance his studies in Computer Science at the Biel School of Engineering and expand his horizons working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley.

Besides occasional lectures in universities, design schools and business schools (e.g. ESADE, IAAC, IED, HEAD, Politecnico Milano), Fabien teaches at University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (UDIT) in Madrid. He speaks in international conferences such as O'Reilly Strata, TEDx, Sonar+D, Primer, Picnic, Lift, Barcelona Design Week, and Smart City World Congress. And his work has been exhibited at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, the Design Museum in Barcelona[12], the National Football Museum in Manchester, the CCCB in Barcelona, the Fundacion Telefonica in Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima and the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague[13].

At Primer 2018 in Helsinki.

Born in Switzerland, Fabien has lived in Geneva, Oakland, Palo Alto, Barcelona, Boston and Madrid. He has recently moved to Gijón, Spain with his wife Eva and two children Noah and Luna. He speaks fluent French, English, Spanish and a rusty German.


Selected publications

Bleecker, J., Foster, N., Girardin, F., Nova, N. (2022). The Manual of Design Fiction. Near Future Laboratory Publishing.

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[11] Avec Yoodle.ch, deux entrepreneurs rêvent d'un Yahoo à la sauce edelweiss, Le Temps, March 11, 2000.

Exhibited work

Orbital Space Station HOPE at the Museum of the Future in Dubai (2022)

[13] Winning Formula at the National Football Museum in Manchester, the CCCB in Barceloona, the Fundacion Telefonica in Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima and the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague (2014)

[12] World's Eyes at Design Museum of Barcelona and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (2009)

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