I am alive. So make the most of it and buy my pictures now.

You will save 50%.

This is not a Christmas'sales promotion, neither an advertising for marmelades. It is a way to get your attention and keep your eyes open.

I am not an optician

You are here on my planet. It means that you might not survive if you do not have any tuba along.

Do you stay ?

You are very courageous. I can tell. I know your urgent things, your fear, your joyce.

I am Dr Ruth

Keeping on talking about sex and element shapes, I would like to introduce you the Woman I deal with - and not the women - .

Make the difference

The material used are acrylics, oils and cooking oils, water, pavatex or simply paper

And red wine

I do not study the concept before painting but you can take a look at Einstein's layout to have an idea.

Anyhow, the result counts

It counts even more when it pictures fat bodies, marvellous obscenities and unfittable poses.

Put a condom

And try to be satisfied with it

Goods pictures, so bad ones, need nor preaches neither doctors Ruth to be described. But your eyes and your imagination. If your look gets sticky on a picture, I would suggest you not to stand there like an idiot. You are probably to much influençable and thinking about your last telephone bill. Never mind.

But if your eyes can caress the shapes of the motiv, like a soft towel on a baby skin, if your body feels and smells the parfum of colours and your mind leaves the moment present, the travel is starting. You might not come back. Zorro wil not come to your rescue in the crazy land. But you are feeling good and nothing else matters.


I just pretend.

My real name is not that important to me. It might become important tomorrow, when I am famous. However, the best name for an artist is his work.

Bastard !

Anyhow, I consider myself an artourist as specified above. This is a clever cross of an artist and a tourist.

Met at a poolparty

I do not paint only. I love doing others intellectual things that keep me very busy at the moment.

Super Mario and setting dates

My other passion is writing. I think that colours and words are just two complementary fields. I can not work separated from one another.


I like preaching and bubbling about struggled shakes and shocks, murders of the mind and bloody lust.

Hey, give me the ketchup

Writing has these thin borders that painting does not have. I like overpassing these limits, not come back and find myself lost for a while.

Sorry where are the toilets ?

If you speak french, you are a lucky guy. You will find my poems on my planet. But I remember you that courage has its limits too.

Curiosity does not


"Le Caveau and me"

Best-seller of the year

has meant a lot to my artistic evolution.


In this alternativ and cultural group, I am the manager of the exhibitions. This is actually my true job : economist. This way, I see how it works on the other side of the mirror.

Freak ! Who is this monster ?

If you are artist, you must know that artists are roughly dependent on the economic situation and sometimes they must become courtiers or book-keepers to evaluate their financial situation.

I am dry

In "Le Caveau de Delémont", local artists are helped to become known at a low price. Exhibitions are free. People nice. Beer excellent and the place of the middle age. Everything to be happy.

I have never exhibate yet

But thank you for coming

Célestine Perissinotto